Miles is a versatile performer with experience from across the music spectrum

Audio Engineering

Miles is a certified recording engineer and is available for audio editing and mixing


Miles is available for private bassoon lessons, reed making lessons, and coaching


As a performer I am available for playing bassoon and contrabassoon, specializing in orchestral and chamber music. I also have experience performing early music, contemporary music, and jazz. 


If you need bassoon or contrabassoon parts recorded, I have the equipment and knowledge to provide you with a high quality recording for any kind of project you are working on.  

Empty Orchestra Stage
Studio Microphone

Audio Engineering

If you need help mixing your latest song or putting together a virtual ensemble I can provide the help you need. As a certified recording engineer, I have the technical and musical knowledge to help you with your next project. I have experience working in a studio, recording live concerts, and editing and mixing virtual ensembles. 



Whether you are a beginning bassoonist or are a band director looking for a woodwind coach I can help. I offer private lessons in both bassoon and contrabassoon, where I tailor a unique learning experience for each student's needs. Lessons can include learning new repertoire, audition preparation, reed making, or playing duets. I am also available for coaching youth orchestra, high school band, and marching band. With my wide variety of musical experiences I'm sure there is something I can help you with. 

Lessons and coachings are available virtually with high quality audio and stable internet connection.

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